Bringing The Fitting Room Online The majority of returns are simply due to inaccurate fit, we use machine learning and artifical intelligence that empowers customers to easily find their perfect size. Helping you reduce return rates, improve your bottom line, and increase consumer satisfaction! Survey img software sky fly sky-fly2 sky fly


The greater majority of clothing returns are simply due to an inaccurate fit when ordering clothing online. Why? Because using size charts is often a process riddled with guesses and frustration. 

Our sizing tool collects your customer’s personal measurements and fit preferences and asks you to identify your body shape. We instantly recommend a size we are certain of, based on our algorithms comparing your results with thousands of other shoppers. We’re eliminating returns that are due to inaccurate fit.


Seamless Integration

As a Shopify Partner, we make integration fast and easy. Our app is available in Shopify’s app store. Our app will be available on other e-commerce platforms this summer!

Increased Conversion

SizeWize eliminates the guesswork for shoppers, Improving consumer confidence thus reducing abandoned carts and improving conversion.

Customer Confidence

Our personalized shopping experience increases brand loyalty; Our app reduces the frequency of return, creating a hassle-free and confident experience

Reduced Return Rates

Through the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, our app delivers sizing certainty, eliminating returns due to inaccurate fit.

Secured Data

Our commercial independence means your data is in safe hands.


5 billion pounds of returned apparel ends up in landfills, and up to 20% of all clothing is burned every year. We’re here to help you make a positive impact in this notoriously polluting industry.

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