It’s not you; it’s their sizing.

It’s not you; it’s their sizing.

Until the invention of the sewing machine, clothes fit perfectly because they were custom-made. This led to costly clothing, so few people owned more garments than what they needed. Now ready-to-wear clothing has become mass-produced and affordable; however, this has left us with a tradeoff: imperfect size. This problem is part of the reason retail is losing 1/3 of revenue to returns.

Every brand has a customer they gear their clothing sizing toward, and this is used to construct size charts for the brand. They do this to differentiate themselves in the market and offer a better shopping experience for their core target. This means that a size 32 pair of pants at Zara, which targets younger people, will fit much differently than a size 32 pair of pants at Nordstrom, which targets people north of 50.

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As e-commerce garners greater share, returns are skyrocketing; in fact, the Wall Street Journal reports retail returns increased by 70% from 2019 to 2020 and induced $70B worth of returns over the 2020 holiday season alone. Online shoppers find it difficult to figure out sizes, and studies show that up to 60% of returns are simply due to inaccurate fit when shopping online.

Retailers now face the obstacle of measuring their online customers effectively. Online shopping is an incredibly convenient activity for consumers, but when forced to use size charts, customers find themselves wrapping a tape measure around their body. This process is riddled with guesses and frustration.

Additionally, Rick Faulk, Chief Executive of Locus Robotics, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal report, “Some returns are more expensive to process and ship than the product actually cost — especially cheap or heavy items. processing online returns can cost $10-$20, excluding freight, depending on the item.”

Given the hassle consumers experience combined with the cost of processing returns for brands, why is there no global standard in clothing sizes? Good news, all you fashionistas!

Say bye-bye to sizing charts and returns. SizeWize has created a very clever size-detection tool that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver sizing certainty in seconds. Their technology effortlessly integrates into your brand’s site, providing a sizing tool that empowers customers to identify their perfect size easily.

SizeWize allows shoppers to browse and purchase seamlessly without the reluctance caused by uncertain sizing.

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