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Our Vision
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SizeWize represents the epitome of online shopping: pain-free.

Our application enables e-commerce brands to deliver the same
fitting-room experience to consumers everywhere, independently
from the mobile device they’re using.

We’ve realized that the key to success lies in experimentation. By
methodically trying new things and testing them, we’ve learned
how to get extraordinary results. We empower brands to convert
more shoppers, delight their customers, and see a growing

How it Started

SizeWize began in 2020, during the midst of Covid 19. Like everyone else, we wanted to support local businesses during these tough times. This year, we have undoubtedly seen a trend towards supporting local businesses. Online shopping is riddled with inconsistencies. Who do you trust to deliver an accurate fit? We used to shop the same few brands over and over, so we knew our sizes well from the start, but when we branched out to other brands, we noticed how massive discrepancies in size consistency often ruined our experience shopping online. As an example, a large t-shirt fits like a small in some stores, and the opposite was true in others. No one enjoys returning stuff, We wondered why there wasn’t an easy way to seamlessly shop across clothing brands without the hesitation caused by uncertain sizing. Our idea was founded on the premise of solving size and solving it at scale while offering a more sustainable path to profitability for apparel brands.

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